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CRAZY CommissionS

A very fun and enjoyable commission, the round case was sent to me, a lovely 50s textured vinyl  case with three poodle patches. The buyer wanted it to be pink and black and would use the case to keep here french poodles goodies in. As I have  begun  the practice of making  another case along with my commission, since I have my palate out and I have liked so many of my clients ideas I found a white larger 60s suitcase that I painted with the commission, when I showed Sandra these images, I offered her a discount on the case and she wanted that case as well. The 3 poodles might have been tow much on the smaller round case and they worked perfectly with the companion piece. 

thinking of using this case ! it has the spring handle that is so nice for carrying heavier items,

nice inside that does not require any work !

nice design elements on the top

I thought before I began the larger suitcase and since I had the elements out on my work table that I would make a smaller train case , as I loved the idea presented to me by the buyer. She requested that a suitcase by made to carry her jewelry from the line she represents JewelKade and wanted a suitcase to carry her line in. She suggested a silver and black theme with crystals and a flue de lis . I went and purchased some new metallic silver and began to paint, it took three coats. I will be working on the larger case today !I spent $20.00 alone in bling, the holographic iridescence crystals that I used on the top, On the sides I used clear, the flue de lis and other crystal bling ran another $20.00, however I have allot left over.

Here it is a giant crystal flue de lis
One half done, dry time was quite long

found a flue des lis , enlarged it and made a pattern
cut it out of this wonderful sheer glitter fabric

laying out the crystals

My daughter Miranda helps me out, I have to bribe her heavily however...

top is layered in muliple glitters, vintage heavy silver, iridescence  and super fine glitters. these glitters really sparkle under the light and this photo does not do it justice! I have not mastered photographic sparkle ! but they are really pretty, many colors reflect off the light

Nice matching luggage pair

I painted the base in my best black , Golden carbon black and added a fine glitter black. I purchased some bling and put them on the front . This is not a great picture of this case and I will take more of it today, I love it , it has a glamor and city chic quality

need to finish it off yet
painted the inside black
finished off with glitter, gems and embellishments

Custom commission recycled vintage suitcase YOU CHOOSE your theme by C. Reinke

Custom commission recycled vintage suitcase YOU CHOOSE your theme by C. Reinke
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Catherine Reinke , recycled artist,THE SUITCASE ARTIST © ,
creates an original design for you in any theme/color/style you wish from a vintage suitcase. Outside only. Suitcases from candy wrappers, fashion magazines, vintage fabrics, tarot cards any thing you can conceive. I have done themes from rock stars (Jimmie Hendrix, see for sale here Jimmie Hendrix Grateful Dead, Jimmy buffet ( both commissions) to horses . In some cases I have incorporated photos from the patron, placing them in my design. I encourage my patrons to send any images to me that they wish in the work.(Hard copy or digital image)These are the themes that I currently have available to work with, please convo me if you have come up with another that might be added to my list.

This price is for a standard hard shell case from the era of 1960s-80s.

Inside is another commission. I will let you know if the case I have chosen is fit to go or in need of work. Nearly all Halloween/Gothic needs the inside done. This is not for train cases or vintage pre 1060s.

We discuss (either mail or phone, your preference) what you want.

Process takes about 7-10 days.

Steam punk
Victorian Romanticism
Holiday (Christmas/Halloween)
Movie star (old and new Hollywood)
Candy Wrapper
Nancy Drew

Nancy drew suitcase, the patron sent there favorite limited edition fabric , which I had photo copied and incorporated into her work. See work at here
this is the feedback that I received
"A totally positive experience! Perfect custom order and easy artist to work with to get exactly what you want. Even with all the extra work, the suitcase was made very quickly and even arrived in time for Christmas (which wasn't a requirement but a nice bonus!). Thank you for working so hard and creating the perfect gift for my sister! She loves it!"

```````Day at the Beach (airplane ready) One of my previous suitcase designs caught her fancy yet she wished to have a case that she could use on the airplane. I created one that was similar yet functional .
Sold at Gallery
1.Jimmy Buffet (private patron)
2. Horse Theme(private patron)
3. Sports with soccer emphasis (Cassy Frank, Private patron)
4. Beatles guitar case( Markelys Pub Wausau, Wi)
5. Led Zeppelin guitar case " "
6. Fantasy Tarot card case (Mallory Vanace)

I blog my process of custom suitcases, you will be able to view the finished art creation at my site, and/or share it with others / you will give it the final approval before I ship it out.



INSPIRATION for this commission Nancy Drew suitcase.

The process

I sold this Nancy Drew suitcase to a school out in California, later I had an inquiry in my mail box from my main funky findZ on line store asking if I could make another nancy Drew suitcase , this was from a sister who wished to give it to her sister who is a Nancy Drew fan. she had favorite book covers and had a very special fabric which I scanned and made prints , I have provided it here for a free image to to those who love Nancy Drew. She wrote me a letter explaining how special this fabric was to her, I did not have the heart to cut it up . I used quite a bit of this in my design, loving the blue.

The two cases are very different, yet I enjoy them both, admittedly , and it is clear to see , I spent quite a bit more time on this second case. I applied allot of acrylic paints and finished off a brass look with gold pearlized paints.

First Nancy Drew that sold to education foundation in California

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