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Groovy furniture

I take old, vintage bikes, repair them and make them funky . groovy . far out

♥Bowling Ball pins

One spring Ipainted old bowling pins and painted them, they are great for putting into the garden

♥Lamp shades

Love taking lamp shades, no longer in fashion or with worn issues and transforming them into something new
Painting and funking up deer horns is a real passion of mine. i grew up with a deer hunter and living in the north have been surrounded by horns hanging on walls. I use them for hat racks, jewelry holders and think that the juxtaposition of the crazy color, feathers , feminine quality on these traditionally masculine trophies is just pure funk.
♥Handmade Dolls
I love mermaids and at one point tried making mermaid dolls, a very hard feat! no pun intended. I have made many dolls in my artist career.

These florida shell lamps are very rare and one of my favorites to work on. Generally they are in need of repair, dusty and faded, I paint them with acrylics glitter and add a bit of fringe , beads etc and they shimmer!

♥ Record Jewelry


Bloody Babies! A faovirte to do during the fall months leading up to Halloween, taking old unloved dirty naked babies and making them funky creepy Halloween props! 

This coffin was constructed for me by my construction husband! i painted it  lined it in padding and pink laces, applied a fair share of glitter and decoupage the front lid. We use it every Halloween, it is great fun for taking pictures, as  you can fit inside quite comfortably.