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♥Funky QUEEN of the jewels FANCY Horns

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I  made this table and two chairs for my son in collage. I had so much fun creating it I am anxious to do another set. Made with art papers of candy and other foods I incorporated high quality art photography from one of my cherished books from an artist from Engaged , very kitsch images as can be seen in the center image of sushi ! 

I could not help but play with the chicken and the noodles, this is a very old oak chair that was outside and sadly neglicated, I applied heavy layers of arcylic , a touch of gold irridesent and left a fair amount of the wood exposed. I used heavy bulky glitter around the base of the chair as it was very rough.
adding these letters to form words really completed the look for me, the one chair says CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP ? and the other  HOT DOG AND CHIPS ? I insisted on putting questions mark on them in order to engage the person who viewed them, asking them to have a seat.

Funky bank
This was a very fun project, I took a plastic jar that I had bought from Sams club that was filled with pretzels for the holidays! Lots of play money, glitter and beads and pesto a great bank for the family. We love to go to Florida every winter and thought a great name was FAMILY FLORIDA FUNDS . i plan to make another from a peanut can as the girls are fighting over who gets this jar. It is finished off with varnish and is quite durable.
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I  discovered these pressed on mirror words at TJ Maxx and thought that they would possibly work on my suitcases, I love it♥ This blue suitcase has alot of silver in it and before I found this DREAM I had already incorporated words such as IMAGE-DREAM
This case was created especially for Tarot cards and other magical elements. Playing  and tarot cards, fishnet, glitter and glass bead leaves (cut out from a vintage  stained evening gown made in India ) round off the look.