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Saturday, February 26, 2011


The case is made of wood with green velvet inside and a thin leather alligator hide, rusty hinges, duck tape and the side wood was all coming out, it was pretty shot.

I have done SEVERAL GUITAR cases and was commission once to do a violin case, my husband Mike from Patriot Log Home Builders wanted to do this very old wood violin case that he has held on to for many years.

It was his idea to use the music sheets. I play classic piano and have allot of sheet music, we choose a single piece from my BACH book. Mike had the cleaver idea to burn the edges, which he did. As you can see we are still in the design phase.My husband patiently cleaned and repaired the case before I began its treatment. He is between jobs right now and at times we like to work together.

This project has sat for quite a while as since then , I decided it was time to finish up my Groovy 1960s inspired guitar case, which I did just yesterday in fact. It was one night over a few beers with my husband, sitting in my studio when it hit me that I had to take my suitcases to a new level.

I wanted to cut a whole in them and my husband right then and there got out his jug saw and did it for me. See this process here.

The excitement of these projects have over shadowed the violin case. This is how I often work however, several projects going on at one time. As drying time and other factors play in it enables me to keep busy for hours at a time, which is how I like to work. Yesterday I started a 9:00 A. M. and finished up around 8:00 in the evening, I was bushed dead tried but I finished my self portrait and it is my favorite suitcase to date.

Today , Saturday afternoon I will spend most of the day as well in my studio. My oldest daughter, after seeing what I did for my 15 year old daughter on her birthday ,

the face-lift of the dresser wants me to make her an end table for her collage dorm, so I might start that today. She wants it in similar papers and thankfully I still have some left over.

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  1. Saw a georgous Italian violin on ebay ‘Emilio Celani’1890. Its going for E140 euro, seems to have new bridge and chin rest. Does anybody know what it could be worth? One sold at auction for $17 thousand dollars. Could it be worth the same?