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Monday, February 28, 2011

Elvis Presley guitar case

This run down vintage guitar case was in need of much TLC. I had had a request for a Custom Elvis Presley suitcase while running my gallery Funky findz and Designs. During the process I thought it would be nice to add a guitar case. I had found this limited edition cotton fabric with bright colors of Elvis several years ago and incorporated that into the design.

I added a light purple tone fish net, something that is characteristic of my work to this piece and cut out spaces revealing the handsome Elvis Presley.

I applied a lot of acrylic paint to this piece, scuffing in the edges as you can see here, the inside is glittered rather heavy with several coats of water base varnish which gives the case so much more stability .

This is the back side and you can really see the alligator look which I brought out with iridescence paints, the over all case has a slight purple tone. the large black fabric has a lovely texture which compliments the texture of the case. I love this image of Elvis in his white formal jacket

Fish net is cut away to reveal the image of the King of Rock and Roll
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

SElf portrait-suitcase

Self portrait
C a t h e r i n e R e i n k e
suitcase artist

It is customary for most artist to indulge in the traditional artists portrait , as I have on canvas I thought it was time to venue out into my favorite medium-the suitcase. As I recently begun to explore new depths of the the suitcase, quite literally, I chose this very run down,forgotten, used up, rusted and falling apart case. Which at one time had strength and character and was enviable.

This is textured white rather thick wall paper I thought it would be lovely to apply multi layers of paint on it, I was right I love the way it turned out.
There it is after I removed all the lining and washed it down. Sorry the image turned out blurry but you get the idea. The top is cardboard and my husband cut the center out for me with a jig saw.

The case fell apart and had to be completely reglued. It was filled with mold and I washed it down with beach water.

After all the water based varnish I needed to quickly dry it as the top of suitcase is simply cardboard.

I began doing recycled art because of the collection of the way I felt, thrown away , unappreciated, not shiny and new, not what society wanted. I have continually tried to remake myself from the hurt and trauma, betrayal and debilitating pain that I have endured in my life, to hide the pain under neath color , pattern and pretties. Just Like I do with my suitcases.
I took acid free art papers that had an old fashioned feel and simply randomly tore them and placed them on the case so much of the natural stressed wood could be exposed.
The gold paint gave this an elegant yet worn look. Nothing like gold, I love to work with it.


I made this mask a few years ago, it shows four eyes, indicating that my eyes are my predominate feature, I have been accused of being influenced to much by life because I love "eye Candy", it was a criticism.

Maybe so , I see and observe everything around me, textures, details, I find beauty in so much. I also added a sheer strip of lace over the mouth as I feel most of the time that I really can not express what I am really thinking. My radical or deeply spiritual views , which can boarder on unorthodox, thoughts on the origin of life, philosophy, vies on art and such are better left to the realm of my own mind and when I have attempted to share them I have been met at best which ridicule. I later added the tiny square mirror to the third eye, showing how inner thoughts and vision are reflected off the person who you are looking at. So in essence I have 5 eyes and no mouth!

Putting the hand in front of my mouth is an additional reinforcement of how i feel about others telling me hush up, it is a finger to the mouth saying shhh! or shut up or don't say that!

I dressed the mask up with big earrings and ruffle collar showing my love for clothing, she is festivel yet sad, a single tear can be seen dropping from her eye.
For the back I chose this solitary black and white image of the traditional style that represents the artist. The archetype symbol if you will . The artists black beret.

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Stamping into art one shoe at a time!
This is the shoe from an etsy store that inspired me to add this side link. I love working on shoes as well and found this glass mosaic fascinating. How magical , I want it for my garden!
Mosaic Cinderella Glass Slipper

These shoes are created from my friend of many years who recently opened her own shop at etsy . All of her work is magical and these shoes will transport you into another realm.

Magical MOXI-cans

shoes as busy as you 9 1/2 moxi-cans
shoes as busy as you 9 1/2 moxi-cans shoes as busy as you 9 1/2 moxi-cans shoes as busy as you 9 1/2 moxi-cans shoes as busy as you 9 1/2 moxi-cans shoes as busy as you 9 1/2 moxi-cans
why shouldn't your slippers be as busy as you? the third pair in my endeavors to ground those who know they can fly
walk a mile in these
up-cycled route 66brand mary janes
comfy and steady on your feet
priced easy and good to go
size 9 1/2

 Whats new in shoes ?
These are a pair of 1980s stripper shoes made of white patent leather that I have been working on to putting side of my first shadow box suitcase 
Recycled Shoes featured in collections
The Red Glitter shoes are my work, they are Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz inspired

Wicked Witch of the West recycled shoes are featured in this great treasury

ARTsy FARTsy FreindZ-suticase lovers!

This page is currently under construction and development . A badge is being created to be award to all called to the compulsion and obsession to transform absconded traveling cases into something extraordinary, funky, functional and artistic.

♥fellow artists who are recycling creatively♥
Newest work from Victoria Pandora
See spanning the years of Decoupage here

Three graces fairie blessed three graces fairie blessed suitcase 

three graces fairie blessed suitcase three graces fairie blessed suitcase three graces fairie blessed suitcase three graces fairie blessed suitcase three graces fairie blessed suitcase
Travel with grace. 

La Magick Continue 

Hand painted decoupage vintage suitcase

La Magick Continue Handpainted decoupage vintage suitcase
La Magick Continue Handpainted decoupage vintage suitcase La Magick Continue Handpainted decoupage vintage suitcase La Magick Continue Handpainted decoupage vintage suitcase La Magick Continue Handpainted decoupage vintage suitcase La Magick Continue Handpainted decoupage vintage suitcase
This sturdy vintage suitcase was found in near perfect condition and designed for the great escape.
Whether you are running away to the circus or just need a place for your cat to sleep, this suitcase is heirloom quality and can be handed down for generations.

I discovered this artists work when I found her work from this collection that was featured on etsy. I simply adore her use of the beloved suitcase! As a cat lover myself how charming is this? In fact she, has inspired me to take my hand on a tarot table, my husband and I talked about it yesterday and after I finish up my projects that are in my studio right now(violin case, deer antlers and my first shadow box suitcase) then I move on, we have a few ideas.
The first found suitcase fellow
ARTsy FARTsy Freind
who not only love suitcases but cats too.

Lovable Luggage Pet Bed - Navy, Grey and White - Retro Modern - 2 dollars goes to carescatshelter


"My love of creating things out of other things borders on insanity...Seriously! I am absolutely addicted to thrift shops, garage sales, attics and basements. Other people may see worthless junk but I see everything as something."

"Hours upon hours are spent rummaging and salvaging, searching for that lost and forgotten thing (treasure to me) It has even protruded my dreams. Endless thrift shops and old homes full of curios, trinkets and vintage suitcases! My love!"
Lovable Luggage Pet Bed - Upcycled Suitcase - White and Pink - 2 dollars goes to carescatshelter
Mine too, I hope one day to collaborate with this artist
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who loves SUITCASES 
mod-podge and whimsy

Vintage decoupage Child SUITCASE Firetruck train Little RED Caboose retro FREE Shipping
This vintage Samsonite suitcase is decoupaged with illustrations from vintage Little Golden Books, "The Little Red Caboose", and "The Fire Truck".
Decoupaged suitcase Peter Pan Tinker Bell Mercy Watson pig FREE shipping
This vintage American Tourister (Tiara style) suitcase is decoupaged with illustrations from
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