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Thursday, March 31, 2011



thinking of using this case ! it has the spring handle that is so nice for carrying heavier items,

nice inside that does not require any work !

nice design elements on the top

I thought before I began the larger suitcase and since I had the elements out on my work table that I would make a smaller train case , as I loved the idea presented to me by the buyer. She requested that a suitcase by made to carry her jewelry from the line she represents JewelKade and wanted a suitcase to carry her line in. She suggested a silver and black theme with crystals and a flue de lis . I went and purchased some new metallic silver and began to paint, it took three coats. I will be working on the larger case today !I spent $20.00 alone in bling, the holographic iridescence crystals taht I used on the top, On the sides I used clear, the flue de lis and other crystal bling ran another $20.00, however I have allot left over.

Here it is a giant crystal flue de lis
One half done, dry time was quite long

found a flue des lis , enlarged it and made a pattern
cut it out of this wonderful sheer glitter fabric

laying out the crystals

My daughter Miranda helps me out, I have to bribe her heavily however...

top is layered in muliple glitters, vintage heavy silver, iridescence  and super fine glitters. these glitters really sparkle under the light and this photo does not do it justice! I have not mastered photographic sparkle ! but they are really pretty, many colors reflect off the light

Nice matching luggage pair

I painted the base in my best black , Golden carbon black and added a fine glitter black. I purchased some bling and put them on the front . This is not a great picture of this case and I will take more of it today, I love it , it has a glamor and city chic quality

need to finish it off yet
painted the inside black
finished off with glitter, gems and embellishments

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Newest project vintage shell lamp

Little mermaid NIGHT LITE

Finishing up jewelry boxes

added paint , glitter, and thinking of adding these shoes, I like the idea, but I need to doll up the shoes first

finished, added a few gems, pearl around the base and pretty vintage button
I am thinking of adding a fork , remember how the little mermaid used a fork to comb her hair and how she loved to collect things from the mans world.

work in process and I will up date as I go around.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newest Suitcase day at the circus FREAK SIDE SHOW

I love the circus and lament the side shows of the past, loving the canvas art and the side shows. 
Vintage clowns....on rare wood and leather 1940s vintage suitcase that has been altered into a Circus freak show traveling luggage bag. Images from the 1800s FREAK shows are distributed threw out , the fat man, sad clown , Siamese twins and others, pencil man and Dog Face Boy. I used a lot of sparkle and sequins with a splash of vintage clown faces .

Marylin is hidden within the images again on this one, she likes to go to the circus,
Here is Marlyn!
Marylin goes to the circus SUITCASE here
The inside is finished off on this one.suitcase here elaborate trim, a strip of zebra fabric all with the original lined fabric from the case.

that is a stain that is orginal to the interior of the case. Black stain embroidered fabric is on bottom.

24 x 13 x 6 1/2

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taking a completely ruined card table and springing into new life

Getting ready to create !

 Putting on my DALI face, this is what this poor table looked like

faithful mod podge , applying the first layer, these are art papers

 My husband helps out, painting the exposed edge with metallic blue, then a glitter combination is applied

Added a Rhinestone peace sign per my daughters instructions

Finished table, very pretty, and spring like,