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Saturday, March 5, 2011


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This is the outside of this suitcase which I plan to finish up rather in the near future. I think that I would use it if I started doing sales again, previously while I had my vintage clothing boutique I used this case to fill with scarfs that were on sale. I might get rid of the Sale and make it a groovy case...or put it on line as it is (with new outside) so someone who does do shows can use it. I wi great for packing full of inventory, then all one has to do is pop open the top , put it on the table and presto, instant advertising that is very effective, bright and eye catching. I just found this suitcase in my garage! I didn't remember which one it was because of the outside. It was in storage for a few years and it is good to see big head groovy gal once again.

When I work on this case next I will post the process, I am thinking of vintage fabric or painting bright flowers on
I love this big felt butterfly which I recnetly found and thought would work great with this case

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