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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Recycled spooky bottles for halloween

Take your used glass bottles and tins and turn them into a HALLOWEEN spookiness 

COLLECTION OF BOTTLES  and tins that I have recycled into spooky Gothic HALLOWEEN props , great for filling with candy corn or dried herbs

All of them were designed to go together and be stacked

This is made from a tin that is used for stone ground oats made in Ireland. It is quality tin that snaps air tight . I made 2 tins to match and they stack nicely on top o f one another

For the most part I made sure that all the bottles had a skull and cross bones for the universal language of POISON  this also gave the collection a unifying element  

Here are 4 jars in front of my fan drying...they have just a finishing touch of glitter applied to them.

One of my work tables, always a mess I must confess, I work in a frenzy, pulling things, trying it out, then moving on to another project. I made all these bottles in two days simultaneously. While one is drying I would start another .

This is one of my favorite bottles I love the glitter eye ball! I had to go to quite a few stores to get all the pieces I needed to pull off the look I wanted

Here are 4 jars in front of my fan drying...they have just a finishing touch of glitter applied to them.

WHERE DID THE EXPRESSION  eye of Newt come from ? 

This is the well-known incantation of the Three Witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth, 1605:
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Second Witch:
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
This is Newt! bright orange , ideal  for a witches potion , but remember only the EYE !

I had recently gone shopping at TJ MAXx and found two amber bottles with stickers on them, one wtich hazel the other Clairvoyance oil , I love them, I wanted more. I could not really find any that were more than just a lable, plenty of labels for sale on line. I went to my local Michael s , hauled out the wallet, I have sold allot of art this week, but that is another post all together, and spent around $200 plus on supplies. Much from Martha Stewart collection. They are very much fun to make, a bit tedious to get them just right and highly additive , in fact my plans for today are to make a dozen bottles that will fit into a suitcase , somewhat of a traveling witches case of potions and poisons.

OOak Halloween KITSCH bottle VENOM and Sweet Treats
OOak Halloween KITSCH bottle VENOM and Sweet Treats OOak Halloween KITSCH bottle VENOM and Sweet Treats OOak Halloween KITSCH bottle VENOM and Sweet Treats OOak Halloween KITSCH bottle VENOM and Sweet Treats OOak Halloween KITSCH bottle VENOM and Sweet Treats
Original design for dressing up your fireplace mantle or kitchen table this glass bottle is dressed up from head to toe! Cute little graphite glitter rats line the base informing you that inside is a sweet, yet venomous treat. Fill with candy corn this is a great gift ! I created a pair for it as seen in the last picture which you can find for sale here.

Entire project is made from quality papers, no digital images used and this design is OOAK , I do not recreate them. Quality contemporary glass jar recycled from my kitchen.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun photo-self portrait of suitcase artist and her friend

The suitcase artist got her own bill board!

Yesterday while on facebook I uploaded a new , well it was an old pic of me because I was considering changing my profile pic. I choose one that was black and white of me while I was n Mexico, I always thought it had a vintage feel, like I was the typical 50s tourist, My friend and artist Victoria Pandora quickly but on my wall this art worked photo version of it. Then a few days later she created the image that you see on top, I have made it my desktop background. I have dreams that the realities created by Victoria Pandora are alternative and attainable .

Catherine Reinke Suitcase artist photo by Victoria Pandora

Here is am image that her husband made for her, she is elegant magical and saves the world each and every day . I love her . We have been friends for years, in fact we lived together as co-families while in Sedona Arizona during some very trying times for myself . It was fact that brought us together. I had signed up for a REIKI class, I wanted to get my mastership in one of the most notable alternative health centers in the USA, we were looking for affordable room and board and came across Victoria's room for rent. Our children , her two girls and mine , hit it off.
These are two other works she made for me, my husband and I and my first born daughter Cassy when she was 6

A year and half later we moved with our Winnebago from Wisconsin and parked in her driveway and lived there for about a year before finding our own place.  Victoria, then as now, is an artist, in fact it is she whom I first learned the fine art of decoupage from. I tried my hand at it while there, and found myself clumsy at best. She created beautiful breathtaking furniture, musical instruments and stained glass. Victoria s work can be found at her newly opened etsy store here

The Goddess Victoria Pandora

Thursday, March 31, 2011



thinking of using this case ! it has the spring handle that is so nice for carrying heavier items,

nice inside that does not require any work !

nice design elements on the top

I thought before I began the larger suitcase and since I had the elements out on my work table that I would make a smaller train case , as I loved the idea presented to me by the buyer. She requested that a suitcase by made to carry her jewelry from the line she represents JewelKade and wanted a suitcase to carry her line in. She suggested a silver and black theme with crystals and a flue de lis . I went and purchased some new metallic silver and began to paint, it took three coats. I will be working on the larger case today !I spent $20.00 alone in bling, the holographic iridescence crystals taht I used on the top, On the sides I used clear, the flue de lis and other crystal bling ran another $20.00, however I have allot left over.

Here it is a giant crystal flue de lis
One half done, dry time was quite long

found a flue des lis , enlarged it and made a pattern
cut it out of this wonderful sheer glitter fabric

laying out the crystals

My daughter Miranda helps me out, I have to bribe her heavily however...

top is layered in muliple glitters, vintage heavy silver, iridescence  and super fine glitters. these glitters really sparkle under the light and this photo does not do it justice! I have not mastered photographic sparkle ! but they are really pretty, many colors reflect off the light

Nice matching luggage pair

I painted the base in my best black , Golden carbon black and added a fine glitter black. I purchased some bling and put them on the front . This is not a great picture of this case and I will take more of it today, I love it , it has a glamor and city chic quality

need to finish it off yet
painted the inside black
finished off with glitter, gems and embellishments