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Friday, February 25, 2011

work in progress-Groovy guitar case


of the 1960'S

painting in the papers takes allot of time but is essential to bring the work together, to make it cohesive and finished off.

The rusty hinges will be addressed with paint and glitter

I painted the bright lime green flower trim with a touch of pink , as I thought it was too much and wished to bring in more elements of pink.

Next comes after varnish the most fun part for me, adding the bedazzlement , beads, gems, jewels, trims , lace, patches, etc and lots of flowers for this hippy inspired guitar case. Cant you just hear the melodic cry's of Joan Biaz or my u all time favorite Joni Mitchell?

Adding the trim is the part that I enjoy the very most. After I have applied about three coats of water based varnish then the real fun begins.

Adding this plastic flower beaded trim with a center contrasting gem really gave it that flower power look I was searching for
A few more of the same trim only in yellow with other plastic gems are added to glitz it up

This is the top cover close up after beads , lace, flowers etc have been added with secure glue.

I have enjoyed working on guitar cases, most of mine have sold rather quickly, I recently purchase 2 used black cases and am working to make this one look as Hippy and groovy as I can. Granted it has a feminine touch to it. The images are from an old calendar that featured 1960s rock band covers. Hand made papers and optic art papers are what AI am primary using.

At present I have 3 days in this. It is far more time consuming than one would think. there is alot of square footage to cover. I paint in all my papers and in this case I choice to nearly paint entirely all the black and white papers that I used in bright multi color nearly psychedelic tones.

As you can see the inside clearly needed a revamping. It is quite worn. It is good to note that after my treatment of these used cases, they become much more durable and will last for a good amount of time, more so left untreated. Not only does the paper give the flimsy case more stability , so does the glue based mod podge and especially the water based varnish.

My friend Casper loves to look on when I am in my studio. Here I am doing the inside.

I will most likely use a whole bottle of MOD PODGE on this project. These are arcylic colors that I used

This is the side finished up , I added funky mulit color yarn around the handel

HERE SHE IS FINISHED OFF IN THE INSIDE I ADDED PAPERS AND spent allot of time hand coloring them with acrylic paints. The top inside cover I applied a vintage paisley burst that I copied from an 1960s silk scarf and added red fine glitter with a thin top coat of water based varnish.

The back which does not have any trim , gems or patches on it so it can be stored safely lying on its back.

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