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Friday, February 18, 2011

Carnival and state faires


For years I have attended local and state faires with my camera in hand. I particularly enjoyed taking images of the hand painted haunted or horror amusement rides. this is my favorite series , I have had cards made of these in the past. As I arrange my photos and get them into digital format , I will be adding more , but it is a nice start. I believe that this is a lost art, similar to the art of the circus canvas banners depicting the freak show features. I fear that the fair is dying as well , and I will have been a part of its historical recording.

This is another favorite series of mine, of CANDY, also taken at a state fair in the biggest candy tent I have ever seen (I have not run into one since) It is bright and colorful and lots of fun. See more of the images full on at here.

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