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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Up date on REgresty PHONE


This is the phone that is featured on the controversial site

This is an up date on a post I wrote after on of my works of Art, a rotary phone was featured on Regretsy. Initially I was devastated, my checks burned with humiliation and shame. I am 50 plus years old, yet I felt like a little girl who just wet her pants in front of the class room.

My first impulse was to join the site and begin to rant away, when I quickly realized that those posts would never hit the press sort to speak. When I discovered that all the posts were about one upping the other in a tone of criticism. I could clearly see that the intent of the site, at least initially, was to be cleaver in ones remarks, but that many posted cruel and meaningless, not funny or smart at all. I pulled up my boot straps, and resigned to be thankful for the intense increase in views.

My views, in just two months went over 2000 with 8 hearts, the phone next to it, one that was mentioned in a regretsy post which shared its link ,a vintage phone made of CANDY WRAPPERS
also showed increased views, which today is at over 700 with 8 hearts.

Before being featured I did not know about regretsy, My daughters and I had a blast looking at all the art. Admittedly some we found ghastly, but most we loved. We went and visited many stores and found that many of the items had already sold. In fact we seriously considered purchasing a couple items. It is true we love bold bright kitsch and unusual things and found the site all in all a great source to find these type of items.

We did not however, enjoy reading much of the criticism of the work featured, it held no charm what so ever, as many remarks were over the top mean spirited, and not cleaver roasts at all.

I posted my thoughts and feelings on this blog and on an etsy forum and frankly forgot about it. I played with the idea of making a phone for regresty, a hot-line punk.

Then the day that changed everything. I swear that this is how it happened. My phone sits next to me at my desk. I looked up at it, and thought
"this is crap, why don't I just give up... no one wants your stuff..." you get it, a whole swarm of self deprecating thoughts swam in my mind, boo hoo the poor misunderstood artist.

The next day out with my daughters for lunch I was compelled to grab my EVO phone from sprint ( the greatest thing since sliced bread) and check my etsy store and there it was my 186 th sale was my phone, completed transaction,pay pal and all!!! Boast to my temporary fragile ego just in the nick of time.

So is regresty friend or foe?
The site is my friend indeed. In fact I hope they pick up my bloody baby dolls that we (my daughters and I ) are presently making for Halloween for sale at FUNKY FINDZ ON LINE sister store CATHYS COSTUME FINDZ

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