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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My first SHADOW BOX suitcase

MY FRIEND ALOONA professional photo which is in part my inspiration for my next exciting project.

This is the hard shell case before I got my bedazzlement hands on it. Ugg!

This is my first attempt at a new dimension in my work , My carpenter husband , of
Patriot Log Home Builders, is very helpful in some of my projects. He retrieved his handy jig saw and cut the opening for me.

I have a plan , which I will put in redone stripper shoes and trendy fashion images. In fact , a friend of mine posted as her profile picture this professional image which I have permission to use and plan to use on this case.

It is ready to go, I am in the process of choosing images. Last night I worked on the dancer, or stripper shoes that I plan to put in the belly of the case.

The pair of shoes that you see, are a left over from my partner who deserted me at the height of my downtown business. She ran off with man, gave me no notice and left me high and dry with two businesses to run without any notice. She is a x dancer, stripper. It was very hard for me to paint these shoes which were originally patent leather white as they really smelled of stink! I painted them blue , yes for the color it implies. I have been thinking that I would like to write the story behind these shoes!

I first painted with layers of blues, crimson red on the base with a large holographic glitter combination , the blue has a fairy sparkle dust and the inside are painted with complementary orange. They are not finished yet. Stage one.


My cat Casper looks on 1 papers applied over front
Curious cat
First shoe finished, sexy stripper shoes LOOK AT ME , NOTE THE Bobble eyes

vintage 80s fashion images on back
Getting closer to the end result
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