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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Giving a 60 year dresser a face lift

$50.00 quick fix
mod podge, drawer liners, new hardware
and varnish

finished dresser looks great against the fabric wall covering
Finished dresser made from scented drawer liners, mod podge and new hardware

I inherited my grandparents 2 bedroom sets that they bought in the early 1950s, they are solid oak and were of pickled wood, light beige, or yellow cream stain with sleek design and quality made.

Once again started with my trusty mod podge!
small rolls of animal print drawer liners
I used a whole jar in fact, a larger brush and got to work, prepared the dresser, just cleaned it really. The total cost on my papers was about $9.00. I tried to pick papers that would match the dresser. New hardware was essential which cost about $30.00
they certtainly needed help

The drawers are solid wood and put together with dove tails interlocking. they rarely make furniture like this any more. both my younger daughters got a set. However they positively smelled of tobacco , were very worn and many of the hardware pulls were broken or missing . For my daughters 15 th Bday I deiced to give them a face-lift!

applying a nice thick coat of mod podge

We had preivously lined her bedroom walls with zebra fabric, another quick fix for a fast re decorating. I wanted to do this very affordable and I did. when shopping a TJ MaXX I found more paper goodies (this has been a good source for me lately) I found papers that were meant for lining drawers (yes on sale) in animal prints. I figured they are paper and should work. they sure did! In fact they were a pleasure to work with, while applying the room was filled with lavender. My Husband did all the cutting, being a builder he does a great job!
cutting exactly to size the outer measurement of the lid of the drawer

Brunt Umber was the prefect choice
This project took my husband and I about 7 hours , this included emptying drawers, cleaning , and a quick run to the hardware store to purchase the handles. We were beat. I applied 3 coats of poly varnish to the tops of each dresser and two the drawers.

as always I paint the edges and scuffed the sides to bring it all together

smaller night stand is against the faux fur fabric wall covering, we matched a variety of fabrics on the walls

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