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Monday, February 28, 2011

Elvis Presley guitar case

This run down vintage guitar case was in need of much TLC. I had had a request for a Custom Elvis Presley suitcase while running my gallery Funky findz and Designs. During the process I thought it would be nice to add a guitar case. I had found this limited edition cotton fabric with bright colors of Elvis several years ago and incorporated that into the design.

I added a light purple tone fish net, something that is characteristic of my work to this piece and cut out spaces revealing the handsome Elvis Presley.

I applied a lot of acrylic paint to this piece, scuffing in the edges as you can see here, the inside is glittered rather heavy with several coats of water base varnish which gives the case so much more stability .

This is the back side and you can really see the alligator look which I brought out with iridescence paints, the over all case has a slight purple tone. the large black fabric has a lovely texture which compliments the texture of the case. I love this image of Elvis in his white formal jacket

Fish net is cut away to reveal the image of the King of Rock and Roll
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