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Friday, March 4, 2011

I am captian of the RECYCLED ARTIST etsy team!

Soon after creating my suitcase blog to the place I am happy with I went  back to etsy which I have in many ways neglected for most of the winter as I have been so busy with creating web pages for myself and my husbands business. Plus I have been traveling and baking , and I got at long last   my studio ready and it functions great,largely thanks to my husband who built sleeves and moved the heavy stuff.

After diving into etsy I discovered many nice improvements . I also learned  that I could create my own team and quickly did. I was so excited to get this group. I at time had no time to promote it yet I managed to get 30 followers! I realized quickly that there was interest. I added my internet friend who I adore and trust as the first leader and  just had this logo made and find it cute, I love the vintage women holding the world in her hand. The women who created this is an etsy talented creator whom I am considering having create the background for the blog I created which will compliment the team. 

It is my hope and intention to build this team to large numbers which is dynamic and educational for  us all. In addition I hope to feature as many talented recycled artists as I can on my blog
for the team, find authors who are willing to contribute and essentially get noticed! I always loved when I owned my galleries to find and promote talented artists, I enjoyed the commodity and bouncing ideas off one another, now I see that I may be able to do this again on line. It will require allot of work however, months it took me to get me to this point on my site and it requires quite a bit of attention. but I am dedicated to it. So please if you like recycled art, but are not a member of etsy you can like the group on facebook right  here
Are you a  Etsy member who wishes to join?
click here

This is the information for the site
This is a forum for all artists who work with items that have previously been used, ideally thrown away and transform them with their creativity into something functional, beautiful, thought provoking or simply for the sake of art. By reusing, reclaiming and transforming we as artists help save our planet with the current green movement.
We are recycled artists! reusing, reclaiming and transforming our planet with ART♥

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