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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Newest funky horns! REGAL jewels and lace

I painted them blue and filled in the cracks
I love taking old disgraced horns and bedazzling them. My father, an avid hunter, is horrified at what I do to them. I grew up with horns on the wall. I live in the Midwest, It is hard not to go to a local rural bar and not find heads of animals and horns on the wall. I never really felt good around them. when I first found a pair of horns at the junk yard I felt so bad, they smelled of mold and were in very bad shape. This deer lost its life for this trophy that someone now threw away. I spent a lot of time with that first set of horns.
since then I look for horns at yard sales and in the trash. I love giving them a new life an purpose. I like to put the feminine spin on them to be honest. They are traditionally so masculine and associated with much machoism . My horns are prefect for a girls room where she can use them to hang her necklaces , scarfs or hats.

I have been wanting to take a pair of horns and completely fill them with jewels. I did, with the help of my daughter. We did not randomly put them on but took our time and I think it paid off. It was very time consuming but really quite realizing  at the same time.

I could not resit putting on the ruffle lace. I think that it gives it the appearance  of a regal queen !

before lace,glitter  and  royal lace ruffles are added

One of my tables in my studio, I thought it looked very kitsch at the moment so I took this shot, since then several of these items have been incorporated int my work

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