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Saturday, April 30, 2011

black and pink round poodle commission case

Round d1960s vinyl textured case sent by the patron along with poodle patches. Here is the step one beginning layout thoughts.
painted the sides with pink

added peal top coat to bring out texture

Companion case given same paint

sponged top coat

glitter super fine fairy dust and varnish over pink paint


hand applying the bling

added writing on larger case

black foot prints and trim off the edge of faux fur zebra print

pink added as well

thinking of using this dog print ???

they look nice together. the round is the commission

inside is lovely 1950s pink with great mirror.

textured case was sent my the patron to me to work on

I would like to bling up the poodle a bit

inside use zebra fabric with third poodle, with trim and other bedazzlement's

thinking of using these vintage 60s lovely plastic beads from one of my favorite necklaces that recently sadly broke along with the black cord

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