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Friday, December 17, 2010

Nancy Drew custome order


INSPIRATION for this commission Nancy Drew suitcase.

The process

I sold this Nancy Drew suitcase to a school out in California, later I had an inquiry in my mail box from my main funky findZ on line store asking if I could make another nacy Drew suitcase , this was from a sister who wished to give it to her sister who is a Nancy Drew fan. she had favorite book covers and had a very special fabric which I scaned and made prints , I have provided it here for a free image to toerhs who love Nancy Drew. She wrote me a letter expalining how special this fabric was to her, I did not have the heart to cut it up . I used quite a bit of this in my design, loving the blue.


The two cases are very different, yet I enjoy them both, admittedly , and it is clear to see , I spent quite a bit more time on this second case. I applied allot of acrylic paints and finished off a brass look with gold pearlized paints.

First Nancy Drew that sold to education foundation in California

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