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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Suitcases featured in artfire collections

I will continue to add collections to this post , I have hundreds of collections to go threw on artifre. the shops at this site are very nice and have created many beautiful and interesting collections. i have not created a collection yet on artfire I am ashamed in some ways to say. So very busy with everything else, it seems such a luxury to me to sit and browse and create one, I am dedicated to it however. In fact I might make one with nothing but my suitcases! somewhat taboo I am sure, but I would like to see all my work together...all the color should blow the mind!

Indie Design

This collection was created by a much loved soul sister who I met on line, we are so much alike, we have never met , but I really love her. She is a talented artist whose work I adore. She created this wild collection with one of my favorite suitcases that I made from pulp art images, animal print tissue paper.

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